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Transportation Sustainability Research Center releases 2014 Carsharing Outlook

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The Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), under the direction of Dr. Susan Shaheen, have released their car-sharing outlook for 2014.  Despite the entrance of peer-to-peer application based rideshare companies, the outlook for carsharing remains steady.

Does .@Uber have a viable competitor with the launch of @ToroRide

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Spice Girl Mel B. has ventured into the app based transportation business, cofounding ToroRide, a black car service to rival Uber, perhaps.  Los Angeles is the only market they are in at the moment and appears to be a service for the elite, while Uber is available nationwide.

Budweiser #MadeInAmericaFest is coming to #DTLA and #Philly

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Budweiser Made In America Fest will be happening Labor Day weekend simultaneously in Downtown Los Angeles and Philadelphia.  Proceeds will benefit the Shawn Carter Foundation, United Way of Greater Los Angeles and Budweiser Veterans, to name a few.  The Budweiser Made in America fest will be a two-day event, August 30 and 31 and will feature some of […]

Looking for work in the #SFO area?

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Live in the City of San Francisco?  Looking for a job?  Well those mustache loving folks at Lyft are hiring for a plethora of jobs.  If you have experience in customer service, engineering and social media, they are looking for you!

Has Chief Beck Become a Detriment and Liability to the LAPD?

Concerns about nepotism, favoritism, and the unfair treatment of some employees have been a silent topic of discussion among LAPD employees of all ranks ever since Chief Charlie Beck was appointed in 2009. Those silent discussions were elevated to a collective cry for help by LAPD officers over the past two weeks. The fear however, […]

Is the City of Los Angeles Safe for Residents and Businesses?

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A recent Los Angeles Times investigation revealed the City of Los Angeles is not as safe as they are telling the residents and business community.  As the LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck, is seeking reappointment to his second term, it has come to light officers within the Los Angeles Police Depaertment are fudging the numbers.

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